Blood and Breath Tests and Refusal of These Tests

So how do police perform the blood and breath tests? A blood test is done by having your blood drawn and sent to a lab to decipher the level of alcohol concentration in your blood. If performing this blood test, the authorities are hoping that all the right channels have been taken in order to avoid a dismissal of this test. There have been many circumstances where a skilled attorney has reviewed the collection and processing of these tests and has found errors that have disqualified the blood test from being admitted into evidence.

A breath test is done by having you blow into a machine called the breathalyzer. The machine then takes the breath it has collected and computes the concentration of alcohol in it. This test is usually considered to be less reliable than the blood test as an accurate reading entails many important factors are met such as the correct calibration of the breathalyzer, and therefore easier for your attorney to review it and have it dismissed.

It is entirely your choice to give or refuse these tests. However, it is important to keep in mind that if you choose to refuse either of these tests, your license could be suspended for at least one year and you could face additional punishment. By now you are probably thinking that no matter which decision you choose to exercise, the outcome seems to be negative. It is imperative that you contact an attorney experienced in DUI to fight on your behalf so as to provide you with the best outcome. Ali Komaili has many years of experience with the DUI courts and knows how to handle each case so that your everyday life will be as minimally disturbed as possible.