DUI of Drugs Orange County

Most people often mistakenly believe that a DUI only pertains to impairment due to alcohol. A DUI can occur due to impairment of alcohol and drugs. It is also a mistake to think that illegal drugs are the only kind that may lead to a DUI. Any drug, prescribed or otherwise that impairs a person’s ability to drive in a safe and legal fashion, may result in a DUI. These offenses are called Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, or DUID.

Anyone taking drugs to help them sleep, to help with their anxiety, to help with pain, etc., are at risk of having a reaction that causes impairment while driving. If you find yourself facing a DUID, it is in your very best interest to immediately contact an experienced attorney to review your case and provide you with appropriate legal counsel. There are many factors that go into fighting a DUID, such as proving the time the drug was taken prior to driving for instance. The defense will bring in their drug experts to testify. California has limited numbers of experts, so retaining excellent counsel to defend you in your DUID is very important and indeed in your best interest.